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Best George Foreman Grill (2020)

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For many, the onset of winter places the last nail in the coffin for the barbecuing season. But you don’t have to let the cold weather stop you from grilling. With the most recent invention of indoor grills, you can still sear steaks, sizzle fish and roast chickenall year round. 

George Foreman has been one of the most prominent brands when it comes to indoor grilling equipment. So whether you’re looking to eat more healthily or simply want the opportunity to grill from the comfort of your home, their electric grills are a great investment.

In our article, we’ll look at the top-rated George Foreman grills, and recommend how to choose the best one for your needs.

Why Should You Buy a George Foreman Grill?

George Foreman Grill is celebrating its 25th birthday this year, but just what makes this brand so popular?

This grilling company first debuted in 1994, with full endorsement from Heavyweight Boxing champion George Foreman. When he received samples of the initial model to test, he jumped at the opportunity to brand them with his name. After all, a slice of fame never hurt anyone.

But considering that the brand had sold more than 100 million units to date, there’s probably a lot more that keeps customers coming back for more. Here are a couple of features that make the George Foreman grill stand out:


There are so many components that make this grill stand out from the pack. For starters, there’s a grilling element on the top and rear of the cooker. This setup helps to cook food uniformly.

Secondly, the grill is fitted with a patented floating hinge that makes it possible to cook differently-sized items. The hinge on the rear is made in such a way that it can widen; hence allowing food to come into proper contact with the hot surface.

However, the icing on the cake is the slanted design of the grilling surface. It is so designed to allow grease to drain, and this translates to healthier meals.


Another key highlight of this grill is that it’s powered using electricity. This means that as long as you have access to an electric outlet, you can grill.

Simply put; this fuel source is more readily available compared to gas or charcoal. There’s also the benefit of never having to worry about your grill running out of fuel.

Easy Maintenance

The fact that these grills run on electricity makes them extremely easy to maintain. With a typical outdoor grill, you’ll have to clean off the cooking grease regularly so as to avoid any smoke accumulation from the flames.

But with a George Foreman grill, all you need to do is to wipe off the tiny bits of meat or vegetables that are left behind. And whether you’re dealing with a ceramic or non-stick cooking surface, getting rid of this residue is very easy. 


The George Foreman grill is also known as the ‘lean mean fat-reducing grilling machine’, and for good reasons. According to the manufacturer, it reduces the proportion of fat in your food by up to 42%.

Faster Cooking Times

These grills are designed to release heat from both the top and rear sections. This enables them to cook more quickly than conventional grills. Factor in the uniform distribution of heat and you can have a slice of meat (out of the freezer) ready to eat within a few minutes.

Easier Cleaning

A simple but significant factor that attracts many customers to the George Foreman grills is their ease of cleaning. Contrary to conventional units, these ones have a slanted design that allows fluids to drain easily from the grilling surface.

This means that very little fat is left on the cooking surface; thus, making it easier to clean. What’s more, these grills come with drip-trays that are dishwasher safe. This is another aspect that contributes to a trouble-free cleanup.

Features to Consider when Choosing George Foreman Grill

Grilling Surface

Based on this aspect, these grills can be classified into two main categories: ceramic coatings and the conventional non-stick surfaces. Both of these surfaces are great for achieving perfectly-grilled foods.

They are also anti-stick, and this provides two key benefits. For one, they’re much easier to clean. Secondly, they eliminate the need to use vegetable oil when cooking.

That said, the premium ceramic coating is the superior choice as it’s fade-and-stain resistant; hence more durable.


Another aspect you should take into account is the number of servings. This depends on how large the grilling surface is. The majority of grills by George Foreman provide a 200-square inch surface area or more. This is enough space to prepare 12+ servings.

Removable plates

As mentioned earlier, the incorporation of a non-stick cooking surface makes for an easy cleanup. However, some like the George Foreman GGR50B are even easier to clean due to their detachable plates.


When determining the ideal size of grill, consider the number of people you’ll be cooking for. If you’re looking to cook for a small family, then a small grill will suffice. However, if you’re cooking for a big crowd, a larger grill is better. You’ll be able to prepare large amounts of food in one go.


Depending on the model you buy, a grill can sometimes be a pricey investment. As such, you’ll want to choose one with a good warranty. This assures you that the manufacturer will cater for any future expenses or repairs that crop up.

Luckily, most George Foreman grills have a 3-year warranty. What this means is that the product is warranted against defective materials and poor craftsmanship for a period of 3 years.

Top 5 George Foreman Grills

George Foreman GFO201R 12-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Grill

If you’re searching for a grill to add to your arsenal of kitchen appliances, look no further than the GFO201R. This one strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

The grill measures 9.1 x 24 x 12.1 inches, and weighs about 15.1 lbs. While it’s certainly not the lightest of the bunch, the bright red color that it comes in really makes it attractive. This blends well with the black-colored, detachable pedestal stand that elevates it to a convenient level for outdoor grilling applications.

George Foreman GFO201R has a 200 square inch grilling surface. This is ample space to accommodate food for a bbq party or simple dinner with your family. Furthermore, it uses non stick grilling surface, which comes in handy when you’re cooking foods that tend to stick on pans.

Also important to note is that this grill is fully electric. Thus, you don’t need to worry about charcoal, gas or propane.


  • Equipped with non stick grilling plate
  • Stylish design
  • Detachable stand means it can easily go from being used in a patio to a countertop model
  • Backed by 3-year limited warranty


  • Some stands are a bit wobbly
  • Bulky

George Foreman GGR50B 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

If you prefer a slightly bigger grill, George Foreman GGR50B is the perfect alternative. It has fairly similar features to our top pick, with the exception of a bigger grilling surface. More specifically, this grill gives you a 240-square inch surface that’s suitable for making more than 15 servings.

Moreover, it has a non-stick coating, which is not only more durable but also easier to clean.

Does your landlord prohibit you from using certain kitchen appliances? Well, you don’t have to worry about this grill because it’s apartment-approved.

Since it relies exclusively on electricity, it mitigates the risk of home fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. These are the primary issues that most property owners are worried about when it comes to indoor grilling.

Also, if you like the signature grill marks on your burgers and sausages, the GGR50B does an excellent job in this area. 


  • Large grilling surface
  • Includes a high domed, vented lid
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Cord length can be improved
  • Too heavy

George Foreman GFO3320GM Gun Metal Electric Grill

Whether you’re tailgating or have invited your colleagues to come over, this 240-square inch GFO3320GM grill really comes in handy. With such a large cooking surface, you’ll be able to prepare large batches of food simultaneously.

Like the GGR50B, this one is also apartment-approved. It’s a fully electric model, giving you a high-quality grilling experience while eliminating the risks associated with using charcoal or propane-powered grills.

One feature that makes this grill exceptional is the integration of George Foreman’s proprietary premium ceramic coating. This coating takes things a notch higher by providing 5 times more durability than the standard non-stick surfaces.

The grill measures 11 x 19.5 x 20 inches, meaning it’s a little more compact than the others. And though it tips the scales at 17 lbs.,it comes in a unique gunmetal color.


  • Equipped with premium ceramic coating for increased durability
  • 240-square inch grilling surface which accommodates at least 15 servings
  • Has a removable stand and a temperature control probe
  • Comes with 3-year limited warranty


  • Plastic handles on either side don’t hold up well to heat

George Foreman GFO240S 15-Serving Electric Grill

If you’re limited by your budget, GFO240S is one of the cheaper grills by George Foreman. And the good thing is that even with a cheaper price tag, this machine still has many of the features you’ll find in the higher-priced models.

For instance, it has the usual 240-square inch grilling surface that enables you to prepare more than 15 servings. It’s also apartment approved and comes with a temperature probe. The latter feature lets you select from five heat settings.

The only area where this grill falls short is in its choice of grilling surface. Unlike the GFO3320GM that has the premium ceramic coating, this one has the standard non-stick surface. Good news is: no food will stick on the pan. Bad news: this is not as durable as the premium ceramic type.

Also, this grill comes in a silver color, which might not be appealing to everyone. So if you prefer the vibrant red or bolder black color, you’ll have to consider other options.


  • Affordable
  • Large cooking surface
  • Comes with a detachable stand and drip tray that is dishwasher-safe
  • Backed by a 3-year limited warranty


  • Compared to other George Foreman grills, this one does not reach a very high temperature

George Foreman GP200R Propane Camp & Tailgate Grill

For grill lovers who like to go camping or fishing, an electric grill is probably not a feasible option. For such instances, you’ll need a gas-powered model like the GP200R Camp and Tailgate Grill.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice how portable this grilling equipment is. It’s designed in the shape of a bag with a long, detachable strap for carrying on one side. It’s also lightweight and slim enough to fit in your car.

The GP200R comes with a heat regulator for easy temperature control; and a push-button start for a hassle-free ignition. As for the fuel source, the grill runs on propane which is a reliable source for individuals who are always on the go. On average a 1lb. tank can provide 4 hours of grilling on the lowest temperature setting.

Additionally, it has a 200 square-inch grilling surface for preparing 12 or more servings. Also included in the package is a drip-tray for collecting excess grease. This drain-pan is dishwasher-safe, which makes for convenient cleaning and maintenance.


  • Portable: suitable for outdoor expeditions
  • Easy clean-up thanks to the drip-tray
  • Uses a reversible plate, enabling you to prepare a variety of foods
  • Results in the characteristic grill marks


  • Pricey
  • Not suitable for indoor use


Whether you’re looking to purchase an indoor or outdoor grill, George Foreman is a brand you can rely on. Their range of electric grills produce a decent amount of heat, enabling you to cook food evenly and within a short time. They also have a few outdoor grills like the propane-powered GP200R, which is great for travel.

For indoor use, the GFO201R is the best option. It’s aesthetically appealing and it functions well too.

It has a non-stick cooking surface which is easy to wipe down after use. Plus, the 200-square inch cooking space is enough to prepare more than 12 servings. It’s also reasonably priced and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

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